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1. TZante Hotel

Where on the strip is it?
It's literally in the centre of the strip - so you don't even need to walk more than a few steps to the biggest clubs and bars!

What's around within a 2 minute walk?  
Everything. Zeros, Rescue, Cocktails & Dreams, A kebab shop, off license, Rum & Raybans ticket office, "Zante Sainsburys" (Yes that's a real shop name). 

Whats it like?
Really nice inside! Rooms are quite basic like most Zante hotels but a decent pool and staff mean if you've booked TZante you're gonna have a great week!

How far to the beach?
Like 4-5 minutes max... 7 if you're hanging

TZante Hotel Zante

2. Trinity Hotel Zante

Where is it on the strip?
Just down from the centre of the main strip towards the beach. Literally 100m from the beach.

What's it like ?
Not the greatest hotel - but one you can get on a budget which is right on the strip - depends on priorities but if you want to save all your cash for getting smashed and not walk far from your hotel to the centre then this is for you!

How far to the beach?
1 minute.

Whats within a 2 minute walk because i'm so lazy?
You've for the whole bottom of the strip from the beach to tourist shops to cherry bay and the beach restaurants - plus a load of bars on the way up to the central strip which is about a 4-5 minute walk.

Check out our full review of Trinity Hotel here

Trinity Hotel Zante

3. Ionis Art Hotel - Laganas Zante

Ionis Art Hotel - Laganas - Zante


Where is it?
Ionis Art is THE place to stay if you're looking for a hotel right on the strip and less than 200m from the beach. You're right in the heart of Laganas Day and Nightlife!

What's around within a 2 minute walk?  
Walk outside and you're at KFC and Pizza "Hub". 2 Minutes down is the beach for the day.

At least 20 bars and 3 clubs + an off license for your pre drinks. Sorted.

Is it a nice hotel?
Ionis Art is about as nice as you can get in Zante! Comfy modern accommodation, a party atmosphere and unreal location.

How far is the beach?
2 mins walk :)

4. Zante Plaza Hotel


Where is it on the strip?
Possibly the best location available in Laganas. You're a 1 minute walk from the central main strip but just far back enough that when you do finally go to bed you won't hear too much noise. So is it technically on the strip? mmm No - but basically it is.

What's it like inside?
Plaza is very good 18-30s hotel. It has good staff, A nice pool, sunbeds, happy hours and atmosphere, Plaza has it all! Except for food... it's average if you're all inclusive! 

What can I do if I'm only capable of walking for 2 mins?
You can go to the beach, go to Sin City, Get alcohol for pre drinks or go to about 5 different restaurants and 5 different bars. If you can walk 3 you can get to the most central and busy part of the strip

How Far is the beach?
About a minute if you're quite slow

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