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TZante Hotel

TZante Hotel Zante

Party Hotel Rating: 9/10

Location: Right on the main strip! Perfect. A 2 minute walk from the golden triangle (Zeros, Rescue, Cocktails & Dreams)

Rooms: Actually pretty good by Laganas standards!

Pool: Yes!

Local Supermarket for pre drinks: Yes

Comment: TZante is one of the best party hotels on the main strip in Zante! It's not the cheapest but you'll be close to everything from the beach to the main clubs, so can chill by the pool all day before heading literally out onto the strip at night!

Dados Hotel


Party Hotel Rating: 9/10

Location: Just off the main strip, but super close to the beach! You could probably crawl there in 5 mins (so a 2 minute hungover walk) and can get to the main strip in 5. Top quality!

Rooms: Clean, reasonable size and again by Laganas standards, pretty good!

Pool: Big! And lots of sun loungers. It's a really good atmosphere with music blaring and a bar (reasonable price) so you can drink a cocktail on your lilo... perfect.

Dados Tip: Get a pool facing room if you can.

Comment: The staff are awesome at Dados and will make your holiday if you just spent time at the bar! Let alone it's right  next to the beach and a 5 min walk from the strip! 

Mon Repo


Party Hotel Rating: 7.5/10

Location & info: A 7 minute ish walk off the main strip. Mon Repo isn't a huge party hotel as such like some on the strip - but it is it's own party palace, full of 18-30s and the perfect place for a week. It's a good value hotel where you can chill with a beer, relax with pre drinks on the balcony or at the pool with awesome staff and head down to the strip!

Rooms: Standard

Pool: A good size with loads of sun! You'll probably be jumping in it after a  few of the very well priced hotel drinks!

Mon Repo Tip: Check out the Football Shirt collection in the bar area!

Comment: Mon Repo is a little walk away from the main strip but 7-8 minutes is good tanning time, and if you're wayyyyy to drunk to walk for 8 mins, a taxi will be 8 euros - not too bad! A great little place!



Party Hotel Rating: 7.5/10

Location: 10-12 mins walk from the main clubs and the beach! Taxi is 8 euros and its next to the Garden Palace if you get lost! Walk up about 5 mins to find loads of great smaller bars before hitting the main strip as they are great for pre drinking! 

Quality: A basic, but nice hotel with decent management! 6/10 and does everything you need!

Other: Hotel Karras is one of the more lenient hotels for allowing people back - but not always. Be discreet and respectful!

Go there if: You want your average decent hotel, decent price and decent location! It has a pool despite the pic above!

Ionis Art Hotel


Where is it?
Ionis Art is THE place to stay if you're looking for a hotel right on the strip and less than 200m from the beach. You're right in the heart of Laganas Day and Nightlife!

What's around within a 2 minute walk?  
Everything. The beach for the day and all of the main clubs and bars are within a 10 minute walk, most of them within 2 minutes. It's awesome! Maccy D’s, Red Castle & Zante's own "Pizza Hub" & KFC are all right on the doorstop as well if you fancy a snack before bed.

What's the Best Bit?
Ionis Art is about as nice as you can get in Zante! Comfy modern accommodation, a party atmosphere and unreal location. Ok that's 3 best bits. 

I've already booked - any last minute advice?
Don't smash your TV that's in your room unless you want a big fat fine & get ready for a 24/7 party hotel on the strip!

Zante Plaza Hotel


Where is it?
Possibly the best location available in Laganas. You're a 1 minute walk from the central main strip but just far back enough that when you do finally go to bed you won't hear too much noise.

What's it like inside?
Plaza is very good 18-30s hotel. It has good staff, A nice pool, sunbeds, happy hours and atmosphere, Plaza has it all! Except for food... it's average if you're all inclusive! 

Random fact:
If you meet Tony the Crocodile while staying can thank us! Good luck!

I've already booked - any last minute advice?
It's family run but they know they're in Laganas and just off the strip - so as long as you're respectful then Plaza is one of the best party hotels you can get and even sometimes lets you bring girls or guys back to your hotel for free (almost impossible in most Laganas hotels)

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