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Project Zante: What's it like finally walking out on the strip at night and seeing the huge neon signs of Cocktails & Dreams, Zeros & so on? Insanely exciting?

It’s a crazy feeling! You want to go into every club you see all at once! It makes you realise how boring England really is! My advice is to go into Sugar for lovely people and fishbowl for shots, then have a boogie in Cocktail & dreams to cheese & head to the clubs! 

What hotel did you stay at?

Marios Studios! Right above the Cream Bar.

If you had to give people staying there a tip about the hotel what would it be?

Keep your room clean and don’t break anything… or you’ll be paying a lot out for breakages. Oh! And make friends with the man behind the bar, he takes great squad pics every night!

Mojito or Sex on the beach?

Sex on the beach of course.

Did you end up going skinny dipping?

I didn’t, but some of my friends did! Biggest regret of the holiday so I would definitely do it next time! But then again, with the state I was in each night I probably would have drowned!

Funniest story of the holiday that you're allowed to tell?

Too many to say… But it’s got to be me misjudging how big the bar was when dancing on it, stepping back too far and falling back on my ass, wiping out about 10 bottles as I went. Glass bottles crashing around me was not very fun but made for lots of laughs.

Did you or your friends end up with a holiday romance?

Let’s just say what happens in Zante stays in Zante! ;)

How does Zante compare to home?

A night out in Bristol does not even compare to Zante. The fact that you can hop from club to club, get cheap shots and come home for 6am then do it all again the next day puts Zante much higher than a night out at home! And girls, you can get para for cheap then go skinny dipping and the sea feels warm! Can’t do that at home!

For those wondering if it's worth a few hundred quid to go to Zante instead of staying at home what would you say to them!?

Stop being a bore and book your holiday! A few hundred quid for an amazing week is definitely worth it and everything is so cheap out there so you don’t even need that much! Everyone I know who stayed at home regretted it when they saw the snapchats!

Favourite photo of the holiday & why?

Can’t beat a BJ’s pizza

zante pizza

zante clubs map

RUM & RAYBANS Boat Party

Zante 2017

Zeros Foam Party

Zante nightlife

The White Party

white party tickets zante

Total Karnage

Zante 2017
projectzante fbtw
projectzante charity
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