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Day one:


  • Why I picked Zante

  • An amazing fancy dress costume

  • 3 Pre drinking games you have to play on your balcony

  • Fishbowl Bar & The Strip

  • A Day two preview!

  • Loads more!


Project zante

A Zante Nightlife Review
Inside by Crazy Week in Zante! By Project Zante’s very own Zante Lover – Lauren

Zante Nightlife

What an amazing feeling to book a week’s getaway, in a hot country; with buzzing nightlife, crazy events and so much to look forward to – all with your best mates!

It’s DEFINITELY one of the best feelings… Oh yes – we we’re going to Zante!

So why did we pick Zante, might you ask?

Well I think I can give you just a few reasons ya know…

The best acts & events from our research

The Boat Parties (more about that on day three… wow!)

I love paint parties

Zante is in Greece – so you know it’ll be hot and you’ll catch a mega tan!

Shipwreck Frickin Beach!

So with the above plus loads more to get us excited the four of us were pretty convinced that we’d made a great decision! P.s If you want the full A-Z Zante guide before you go – just click here to get it – thank me later!

Turns out we did make a good decision

So with the above plus loads more to get us excited the four of us were pretty convinced that we’d made a great decision! P.s If you want the full A-Z Zante guide before you go – then scroll down – thank me later!
Zante – We have arrived! Day One

We were all so excited to arrive in Zante, much like any other group on their first holiday abroad together! We were instantly hit by the warming heat and could tell this was going to be a brilliant week, no matter what we did!

Our coach drop off drive from the airport to the main area in Zante, Laganas, was around 20-25 minutes from what I can remember. But perhaps my mind went a bit fuzzy with excitement… you might want to have a look at this video to see how you’re going to feel when the coach stops and a horrible looking hotel and thank god it’s not yours!

All wearing the same outfit from the day before, Keeley (who was celebrating her 18th birthday!) was dressed in the worst outfit you’ll ever see. Bright colours, hot pink flip flops with a huge flower on each, Primark glasses, a blonde and red wig and fairy wings – especially for the birthday girl 😉

So we were all desperate to get to the hotel, pick a bed, ditch our suitcases and head to the pool to cool off!

We were welcomed by a bubbly and funny hotel clerk who rapidly checked us in and handed over a ‘welcome shot’ of Ouzo – oh god, Welcome to Zante!

– If you haven’t heard of Ouzo before, and if you haven’t tried it – you definitely will in Zante – but you’ll need some luck, it’s gross! Rumour is if you drink a lot of the stuff it crystalizes in your stomach so when you drink again the following day you get drunk again immediately – could be true, could be a load of rubbish!

The BIG night out!

So far we’d:

Remembered what real heat felt like after stepping off the plane (is there any better feeling?)
Survived the coach transfer with a crazy Greek driver – win
Dropped our stuff off and had a shot of Ouzo before we’d even left the hotel – definitely a good start
So we spent the rest of the day chilling by the pool, soaking up the sun and drenching ourselves with plenty of cocktails … the perfect welcome to Zante! But… we we’re all absolutely buzzing to get to the strip, and by 6pm we’d had our dinner and started to get ready!

Don’t you just love getting ready for nights out on summer evenings? Besides sweating from all areas of your body, the lighting is just perfect! And it’s a great setting for pictures with your mates – especially if you have a balcony!

We took our time, as we weren’t actually sure what time was right to head out to the strip?! We’d bought some pre-drinks from one of the local supermarkets to prepare on before we headed out – here’s some great Pre Drinking Games you need to play:

Ring of Fire
The Gauntlet
Lowest Card Drinks (With shots) – The perfect way to get off your face in less than 20 minutes
and by 9pm we decided to head across the road for some more drinks – a place called 4 Play Bar! Better to start early than late right 😉

Here we gooo… it’s time for the STRIP!

We had absolutely no idea what to expect! We’d done some research before arriving, but nothing prepared us for how mental the strip actually is! There are people EVERY BLOODY WHERE, you cannot escape the random singing and chanting, people running around in hot pants, bright neon gear or fancy dress! It’s absolutely hilarious the first time you arrive, and very weird… but you won’t want to leave!

We The first bar that caught our eye was Fish Bowl – known for its ridiculously sized mixer bowls! Oh my god, I’m not lying, look at the size of it – and it wasn’t even the biggest one!
Fish Bowl is a large club with great music! I liked how it wasn’t too busy when we arrived, as we we’re all half way to getting REALLY drunk and when you’re at that stage you just want a dance, it was perfect! But don’t worry; it soon started to fill up!

We perched outside to watch the mayhem on the Strip unfold whilst we ‘chugged it down in eight’ with another group we’d met inside. This place is perfect for a few drinks to get your started for the madness which is about to unfold! P.s Fishbowl is included on’s special offer venues on their wristband if you have one so go get buy one get one free cocktails!

Moving on from Fish Bowl, we headed to other bars on the strip! The main clubs & bars were absolutely packed out with people – which are always a good sign when you’re looking for a good place to go!

The music was amazing, all dance and house in the places we were in, which was exactly what we were in to at the time (I definitely still am). We topped up on our drinks, still with the group we met in toll, and we even danced on the bars!

And they have dance poles, too! (And Keeley was given a rose by someone walking down the street, how cute!)

To finish off the night we decided to go on the most random thing ever… a horse and cart! We had spotted these dotted along the strip earlier in the night and had joked about taking a trip in them on the way home… and we did!

It was brilliant! I personally have never ridden a horse or been in a horse and carriage, let alone when I’m drunk, so it was a first for me and most of the group! What a way to end a crazy night for Keeley’s birthday, we had such a good time on the strip! Little did we know that would be one of our “tamer” nights, you better read day two! You’ll find out about things like:

Gypsie kids stealing your stuff!
The Strip, Three Lions & Cream!
Skinny Dipping – A Zante right of passage when it’s still 24 degrees at night and the sea is always warm!
Read Day two here! Just email me at with any questions.

P.s I know I linked to a few things you might want to have a read of earlier – so you don’t have to scroll back up looking for them i’ve put them below 🙂

See my Day 2 in Zante review of the strip here

See the best Zante Strip hotels here girls (and boys) to stay at on your hols
Peace out, Lauren xxx

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Zante’s Biggest Events in Summer 2019


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rum & raybans 

Zante’s biggest boat party is the ultimate event. Free Shots ALL night, DJ’s the biggest and best boat + champagne showers, DJ’s, Free team paint & tons more! You can’t miss this!

zeros foam party

2000 People. Zante’s biggest club. Every Friday. Get earlybird admission and avoid missing out or queueing for ages on the door. Want a VIP table with exclusive extras? No problem.  A must do when you’re in Zante!

the white party

The White Party is one of Zante’s biggest events. Held at the fantastic Republic Beach Club it’s all white sexy theme, big name DJ’s and classy venue will make sure you have an amazing night.

total karnage

INSANE. Europe’s biggest var crawl turns the strip orange every Sunday and is as mad as it sounds. Race across different bars with a free afterparty including a discounted bar all night for the first 50 winners back from the race.

paint party

The Ultimate event in Zante for getting covered in paint and dancing all night off your face! From 11:30pm until the morning and held at one of Zante’s best venues!

underwear ball

Zante’s sexiest event! Every Saturday it’s time to show off at the All Underwear Ball. So don your best outfit (with a little underwear showing) and get ready to go wild! Strict girl:boy ratio in place during all weeks so don’t miss out on booking early!

vip table night

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