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rum & raybans 

Zante’s biggest boat party is the ultimate event. Free Shots ALL night, DJ’s the biggest and best boat + champagne showers, DJ’s, Free team paint & tons more! You can’t miss this!

zeros foam party

2000 People. Zante’s biggest club. Every Friday. Get earlybird admission and avoid missing out or queueing for ages on the door. Want a VIP table with exclusive extras? No problem.  A must do when you’re in Zante!

the white party

The White Party is one of Zante’s biggest events. Held at the fantastic Republic Beach Club it’s all white sexy theme, big name DJ’s and classy venue will make sure you have an amazing night.

total karnage

INSANE. Europe’s biggest var crawl turns the strip orange every Sunday and is as mad as it sounds. Race across different bars with a free afterparty including a discounted bar all night for the first 50 winners back from the race.

The Traveller

50-60 Euros per day in Zante


Cautious with Money? Or poor but desperately wanted to come to Zante?  Then this is the budget for you to make sure you still have an incredible time!

Eating out means that you’ll be going through 1 Euro Slices of Pizza & a Cold Beer (2 Euro) watching the sun go down with the Occasional Fry up to Get you through the day (Maggie Maes is great food and great value for this). The rest of the time it’s cooking Pasta on the hob in your apartment or buying little bits here & there from the local shop.

After your hangover is cured it’s a day by the beach – don’t pay for sunbeds just stick down a towel on the sand and enjoy the sunshine. Make sure to drink water though – it’s cheap throughout Laganas – 1 Euro 40 for 6 2 litre bottles will do you proud.

You’ll pre drink some village wine and perhaps splash out on a cheap bottle of spirits and mixers to get you 3/4 of the way there before you hit a couple of bars then a club. Don’t be expecting to get tons of drinks at the best Zante venues and events though. Unless you’re a girl, good looking and a flirt that is. Your luxury has to be a Gold Pass to get on Rum & Raybans Boat Party – it’s the NO.1 Sell out on the island, and absoulutely insane!

Get your Mum, Dad, Brother or even Granny to put your deposit down to guarantee your place!!! Try to fit in a Foam or Paint Party too!

The Spender

90-100 Euros per day – Most Common
A Solid Budget means you can party like a Rockstar and still live it up during the day! Sorted.

This is a standard amount people bring to Zante. You can go to all of the best events of your week including Rum & Raybans, Foam Parties, Paint Parties and anything else you see fit.

Days are spent by the beach or on your lilo at the pool with a cocktail or cold beer in hand. A great place to check out for Lunch is Cool Peppers right on the beach – if you like TGI’s you’ll love it! Get a Quad Bike for the day, Go on Turtle Trips or head down to St Nicks Beach (Free Transfer usually from Zante Info Centre) for Water Sports.

Get some decent vodka/wine/cider or whatever you fancy and have pre drinks and card games on your balcony with the room next door before heading out to a few bars. Fishbowl, G Spot or Zeros Front Bar are great places to start your night depending on where you arrive on the strip from your hotel.

In the clubs you’ll party like crazy and come home probably off your nut, with your slice of Pizza in hand and can of Amstel in the other.

Average Budget: Food: 25 Euros / Pre Drinks:15 Euros / Bar & Club Entry & Drinks: 50 Euros / Other: 10-15 Euros

The Baller

125 Euros + per day in Zante
If you’re a big spender and you know it this is how you’ll want to spend your week

You’ll also be at all the best events of your week, Total Karnage or the White Party, Foam Parties, Paint Parties & more!

Days are spent however you like but be sure to rent a car to go and see Shipwreck Beach from the top of the moutain peak -it’s gorgeous! Go on the Go Karts, relax, rent a Jet Ski or Quadbike but remember to wear suncream!

Pre drinks you’ll have Grey Goose between you all or at least some kind of premium spirits to get you on your way before hitting bar by bar and doing their special drinks challenges!

In the clubs you’ll party like a real rockstar – try not to look at your card statement or wallet in the morning!

Average Budget: Food: 30 Euros / Pre Drinks:20-25 Euros / Bar & Club Entry & Drinks: 60-70 Euros / Other: 15 Euros

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