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Zante Club Entry Prices

Good news! Zante is NOT Ibiza! Which means you won't be paying 50 euros to get into the main clubs every single night of your holiday! Zante has some of the world's best clubs including Zeros, Rescue, Cocktails & Dreams, Plus, Fishbowl and Republic Beach Club.

Entry is usually between 5-20 euros depending on a standard night and you might get an event included. For example The Foam Party held at Zeros every Friday night includes entry to the club and the Foam Party! (Get entry even cheaper with our guaranteed cheapest tickets on the earlybird deal!).  All the biggest clubs in Zante are located in Laganas where the main nightlife and events are, but you'll also find a few in other resorts too!

If a big act or artist is appearing you're looking at somewhere between 30-50 euros depending. Although not technically a club, the clubs on water, Boat Parties, begin at around 55 euros, our personal favourite Rum & Raybans is a little more expensive, but it is the best! Get on it if you can get tickets!

Zante Drinks Prices

Like Zante clubs, Zante is NOT Ibiza when it comes to drink prices! Zante is actually very reasonable and you'll find 2 cocktails and a shot for about 6 euros in lots of clubs and bars on the strip, and 1 cocktail and a shot for 6 euros in the most popular clubs & bars.

Some events come with a drink included like The Ball or The White Party (Drink only included with tickets purchased from ProjectZante as part of our exclusive deals) while some come with none, and some come with Free shots the whole night (Rum & Raybans!).

If a deal seems too good to be true, for example 5 cocktails for 6 euros - avoid! The main clubs and bars are cheap enough to get smashed on cheaply and you'll have a better time!

Make sure to try out some speciality drinks - like Zeros Screaming Orgasam (girls) or the Flaming Lamborgini (Boys) although if you're already drunk, maybe stay clear as they'll get you off your face! See more Zante 18-30 Guides like prices and videos here.

Zante Events Prices

Event prices range from 15  to 80 euros depending on what event you want to do and if you want to have a VIP Table, drinks & so on! Take a look at the individual events below for prices, videos & more info! Remember, we guarantee the cheapest price for every ticket and discount even more if you're looking at 3 events or more - so sign up to the list to get offers and your Free A-Z Zante Guide!

RUM & RAYBANS Boat Party

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Zeros Foam Party

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The White Party

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Total Karnage

Zante 2017

The Zante Paint Party

Zante 2018

The All Underwear Ball

Zante nightlife

VIP Table Night Options

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Zante Vlogs

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