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Shipwreck Beach (Navagio Beach)

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Where is it?
To the north of Zante you have the most famous beach in Greece, and one of the most famous in the world! From Laganas, Kalamaki and the other main tourist spots you'll need a full day to get there - weather you go by boat to actually swim onto the beach or by car to view above and appreciate the most amazing view.

What's nearby?  
Nothing if you've come on the boat, and not much if you drove to the viewpoint except a few small towns nearby.

How to get there
To step onto the beach yourself, boat is the only way unless you base jump from the viewpoint. Book a trip from the main tourist agent shops in resort. To get to the viewpoint you'll need a car, quad or moped, and do not go two people to one quad - it will take ages!

* Rating

The Beach itself

The view

Ease to get there


Rum & Raybans Secret Beach Stop


Where is it?
Ah we won't say, but how good does it look! ^^^ You'll get to be there if you're on Zante's famous Rum & Raybans, plus you'll be taken there for a sunset swim! Perfect!

What's awesome about it?
A sunset swim on a perfect beach, or swimming caves just to the right (you can see in the picture). Take your drink, pick your spot and party away the sunset with hundreds of other amazing people - is there anything better?

How to get there?
Be on the boat! ;)


The Beach itself

The view

The atmosphere


Porto Limnionas Beach


Where is it?
Take the car or quadbike down to near Agios Leon and you should see the signs! There's a taverna right nearby too for a drink & food in the sun once you've swam in this amazing location!

Is it packed all the time?
Porto Limnionas is actually quite unknown to tourists so the perfect daytrip. It doesn't get rammed until the peak summer months, July & August so you can get some amazing photos of just you and your besties most of the time, and even often in July & August too!

Interesting Fact
It's more of a bay and there's pretty much no sand, but the water is unbelievable!


The Beach itself


The photos you'll get


Tsilivi Beach


Where is it?
Tsilivi of course! One of Zante's most lively resorts. A 20 minute drive and about 20 euro Taxi from Laganas or Kalamaki. Go here for the day, swim, play some mini golf with beers before hitting Planet Bar or one of the great restaurants and heading back to Laganas or wherever you came from!

What's nearby?
About 50 hotels, 75 restaurants and bars + a couple of clubs. Waterparks, Supermarkets, Taxis & mini golf, all within a 15 minute walk! WOOHOO!

Worth a daytrip?


The Beach Itself

Things to do nearby

Watersports availability


Also make sure you check out...

Porto Viromi Beach - Zante


A lovely but small beach tucked away, worth a visit if you get quadbikes or cars for the day

Banana Beach


There's loads of cheap (5 euros per person) transport down to Banana beach from Laganas and other main resorts every day to Banana beach. Quality beach with great watersports!

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