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List of the best Zante Bars & Map Below!


Best For: It's in the name! FISHBOWLS!

fishbowl zante

A visit to the Laganas strip where you'll find everyone 18-30s is not complete without going to Fishbowl for amazing cocktails, flair bartenders and the chance to breathalyse yourself!

Republic Beach Bar

Best for: A chilled cocktail overlooking the beach in the daytime

white party tickets zante

If you're on the beach make sure to head down during the day to Republic for it's amazing pool and cocktails on Cabanas. On Sunday evening it turns into a beach Club to host The White Party - an event you definitely want to check out in Zante!

Zeros Front Bar

Best for: Strong, quality cocktails!

Zante 2017

Zeros club is right in the centre of the main strip and has a huge outside bar before you enter the club. The bar itself is right in the middle of the space which makes for an amazing atmosphere, and easy to get served by all the bartenders! Flaming Lamborghini. If you know. You know. Great to have a pre drink in before the Foam Party.

Plus Front Bar

Best for: Great Value drinks before hitting the lower strip, or Plus' own club!

plus club zante

Plus Club is massive in it's own right but also has a front bar with good value drinks before you head into the club for events like The Paint Party or further down the strip. No need for outside heating, it's always about 23-27 degrees even at night during Zante summer!

Three Lions

Best for: Getting smashed during the World Cup Football Matches!

three lions bar zante

This is the place to watch your England games over summer! Right in the centre of the strip, awesome sound system and sofa & bar stall seating. Grab some cocktails & drink for every yellow card!


Best for: Good food and drinks during the day, or shots at night!

Again right on the main strip! Great food, great fishbowls, great shots! Full review coming soon but Chevvys is also  a decent venue for eating during the day, so take a look when you walk past!!

Check out the Map of Zante bars below. Over 130 Bars & Clubs lie between  Laganas beach square and Majestic Spa & Fishbowl! As well as a few above them and loads on the side roads leading in!

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