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32 °
Avg Temp in July
100 %
Days you can swim from May-Sept
18 %
Amount you're likely to remember from nights out
700 People on Rum & Raybans Boat Party Festival last year - Europe's Biggest!
100+ Bars & Clubs in Laganas
2 Days of Rain on average from June - first week September
1.50 Euros Pot Noodle
3 Euros Hot Dog & Beer from the local at 4am
7 Euros 2 Cocktails & 1 Shot from a typical bar
.50 Cents Litre of water from the local
25 Euros Starter, main & 2 drinks on the beach
5-15 Euros Standard night club entry

Club Entry

Q & A

Do Clubs have Dress Codes?

Nope, you can wear anything you like from casual stuff to smart dressy outfits. Don't wear too much though - it's too hot!

Where are the Superclubs?

The triangle of Zeros, Rescue & Cocktails & Dreams is the most central SuperClub area on the Laganas strip

What are the queues like?

Generally pretty good on non event nights. On event nights expect to queue i.e. an artist performance, Total Karnage, Rum & Raybans afterparty or the Foam Party. At the bigger clubs during late June, July & early August it can get very busy. You can get queue jumps either with a VIP package or with a Queue Jump pass.

RUM & RAYBANS Boat Party

Zante 2017

Zeros Foam Party

Zante nightlife

The White Party

white party tickets zante

Total Karnage

Zante 2017

RUM & RAYBANS Boat Party

zante boat party

How do I get a ticket?

Right here baby!

Why's it so famous?

It's been Europe's biggest boat party for the last 2 years hosting over 700 people on the boat party festival! Guests like Tom Zanetti, Free Flowing Champagne Spray , hosting the European DJ Open and it's double boat boat parties are all reasons! If you want to do something wild & unforgettable in Zante you have to try & get on board Rum & Raybans! A MUST IN 2018!

Should I go Gold, Platinum or ULTRA?

If you have the cash to get on board (it's not the cheapest boat party, but so worth it!) then any option is going to be amazing. Every ticket comes with free shots the entire night and you'll have the time of your life!

Platinum tickets get you a seat in the heart of the party and a host of other goodies like bubbly, a T shirt to remember your night and phone charging stations while ULTRA is for those looking for some extreme VIP, with private service, a private pool and private security. 


Most Extravagant

Thought to be the most expensive Boat Party in the world to run, Rum & Raybans will blow your socks off if you can get a space on board!You'll be lavished with an amazing sound system, amazing lighting, alongside Free Shots All Night, Top Guests, Big Name Artists, Champagne Spray, Sunset Swims, Vodka Cannons, Dancers & more!

If you can get a place - you have to do this while in Zante!

Rum & Raybans is Zante's Biggest Sell out event - and best boat party in Europe! It's self styled World's Most Extravagant Boat Party with celebrities, Sax players, Stilt walking shot girls and magicians. It doesn't get any better while you're on the island - you can't miss this!

rum raybans zante reviews

*The NO.1 Sell Out Event on the Island
*Ranked in the top 5 Things to do while in Zante
*The only Boat Party ever in Zante to hold festivals on multiple boats with over 700 people in 2015 & 2016 
*Hundreds of litres of free shots given out every week
The most extravagant boat party in the world - you won't experience anything else like it.
It's an iconic event for a reason!


FREE Flight Guarantee

Land on Wednesday before 3pm? Get a FREE Flight Guarantee with Project Zante so if your flight is delayed and you miss the boat, you'll get a full refund for your peace of mind :)

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