Project zante

Day one:

  • Champagne Showers

  • Zeros Club

  • Rescue

  • Mojitos!

  • Pizza..OINK!


Project zante

A Zante Nightlife Review
Inside by Crazy Week in Zante! By Project Zante’s very own Zante Lover – Lauren

Day three consisted of a chilled day followed by getting soaked in champagne, just a standard day out in Zante right?

Luckily for us our hotel was around the corner so we stumbled back to grab a quick shower before getting back on the strip! All slipping around in our flip flops and sandals, it was hilarious! Take a look why don’t you…

After a quick change up in clothes and shoving our hair up (mainly because we were too lazy and drunk to dry it, but also to avoid the frizz!) we headed back out for some extra pre-drinks before hitting the strip! A shower can really sober you up, yano…

As we’d been to Cream and 4 Play the nights before, we thought it would be a good idea to move on and find some other bars and clubs to pre-drink at! And that’s when we found our ‘pre-drink home’ for the rest of the week – a lovely place called Mojito (my favourite cocktail ever btw if you want to buy me one)!

– Mojito has shisha tables and plenty of wicked shots and music blasting; it’s a fantastic place to start the night and is pretty cheap, too!  You don’t have to wait long for a wee either (as it’s off the strip and has more than 2 loos)! You’ll really appreciate that comment after you’ve been to Zante, trust me!

On a note about cocktails … here’s 3 you should definitely try during your week in Zante!…

A Mojito from Mojito!

A screaming Orgasam from Zeros Club, it’s not about the cocktail, more the build up! You’ll see…

A Fishbowl Cocktail, any cocktail, from Fishbowl of course!

and one for luck… Cheeky V from G Spot!

Once we’d had a couple drinks and shots, and of course a go on the shish! We decided to head down to the strip and try out a few more clubs… oh, starting with Zeros!

It was perfect timing really, by the time we’d showered, had some drinks and got to the strip it was around 1.30am so prime time! Zante’s not like at home, it really lights up around midnight until the morning because lots of people are pre drinking, unless you’re at an event of course!

Zeros is one of the bigggggest clubs in Zante! And one of the most popular! 

Here’s why it’s great!

It has a huge inside club and an awesome outside bar for taking a breather if you need to, or you just fancy some drinks before going inside

Great music AND you’ll be thankful to know it also has aircon, big plus!

The drinks are great and it’s right in the centre of the strip! It also hosts some of the biggest events like Total Karnage (above) and the Foam Party on Friday nights


If that wasn’t enough, go outside and right next door is another great club! Rescue!

We immediately spotted the two dance areas at the top of the arena and headed right up the stairs straight towards them! We could see everything and everyone, and had room to boogie and have a dance off with our mates in either area!

We were literally having the time of our lives on that stage! I think we even spent like 2 hours or something up there dancing away to the music?!

As you can tell, I was pretty drunk by now…

At around 4am we called it a night as it had been a long tough day drinking champagne by the pool, cocktails on the balcony, bars and clubs and now the strip! Long. Tough. Day. Ya know. Especially with all that sun beaming on us we were cream crackered… despite sounding like a right granny right now, it can really tire you out!

BUT we definitely weren’t going home without our food fix. Our one and only reason for going out in the first place. Kidding… but seriously, it was food time!

And oh my god this was the night we found the amazing Big Boys – the most amazing pizza you’ll find on the strip for sure, but better than any you’d have ever tasted before, too!

I can guarantee you it’s not just the drink talking here! Finishing a night off and grabbing food is one thing, but grabbing a Big Boys is the correct way to do it. You won’t regret it – not one bit!

This was now our food heaven, which we’d continue to get every single night onwards! I think I tried almost every flavour on offer?! I think at one point I ordered THREE slices just for myself – can you see how big the slices are?! OINNNNNKKKKK…

It was safe to say after scoffing our faces full of the love of our lives (or at least the holiday) Big Boys pizza, we were so ready for our beds! What an incredible day yet again, though. We’d already seen and done so much… and there was so much left to explore!

Keep your eyes peeled for Day Four – it’s a good’un! in the meantime… feast your eyes on some other Zante bits & bobs to get you excited!

Peace out, Lauren xxx

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rum & raybans 

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The White Party is one of Zante’s biggest events. Held at the fantastic Republic Beach Club it’s all white sexy theme, big name DJ’s and classy venue will make sure you have an amazing night.

total karnage

INSANE. Europe’s biggest var crawl turns the strip orange every Sunday and is as mad as it sounds. Race across different bars with a free afterparty including a discounted bar all night for the first 50 winners back from the race.

paint party

The Ultimate event in Zante for getting covered in paint and dancing all night off your face! From 11:30pm until the morning and held at one of Zante’s best venues!

underwear ball

Zante’s sexiest event! Every Saturday it’s time to show off at the All Underwear Ball. So don your best outfit (with a little underwear showing) and get ready to go wild! Strict girl:boy ratio in place during all weeks so don’t miss out on booking early!

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