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You’re a part of Total Karnage! Don’t miss out on the other huge Zante events to complete your week!


You’re a Part of Total Karnage! Be Part of the other biggest events in Zante!

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Why do you donate 10% of profits to charity

  • Hi, James here! I’m the owner of ProjectZante. I wanted to answer this question first because it’s important. Our oceans are in great danger from the pure amount of plastic disposed in them every single day. I wanted to do something about it, and I think, many people who are coming here to Zante want to as well! If you hate giving to charity, buy your tickets elsewhere! We still guarantee the lowest price on EVERY ticket we sell! Thank you and lots of Zante love!


How do we use tickets once they’re delivered?

  • Every ticket is delivered via email within 24 hours. So straight to your phone or laptop. All you need to do is simply print them out, and for some events you can simply show them on your phone. Happy days!


I’ve lost my ticket! Help!

  • Guess what? We all lose stuff, all the time! So we never charge you if you lose your tickets either before you arrive in Zante, or once you arrive. We can either just resend them to you if you email or reprint them for you if you need a copy in resort 🙂

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