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So in short. The White Party in Zante is a MUST! And i've been to Zante 3 years in a row! Here's my top reasons why:


#1 – Classy Event, classy venue, beautiful people

Firstly, it is the classiest event in all of Zante by far and this is because of the incredible venue it’s held at - RepublicBeach Club.

Republic is located on Laganas beach so you can imagine the amazing sunsets and stunning view of the bay you get to see while you’re there partying. The beach club has a massive pool right in front of the stage so dancing in the water with a drink in hand and watching top class DJs and entertainment is a standard Sunday night here.

If you really want a night to remember, you can book VIP and this gets you exclusive cabanas/bed seating. The beach club is decorated with little white lights and there is even a fire show throughout the evening. In summary, the whole venue is BEAUT!

the white party zante

#2 – The live music

I think we can all agree that the music in a club can either make or break a night out because you just cannot dance to a song you hate, so it’s a good job that the music at the White Party is always insane! When you first arrive, there are saxophonists and percussionists playing so the live music is amazing. Then there are amazing DJs to look forward to later on in the night.  I think last year and this year I remember them announcing DJs like Disciples, MK, Duke Dumont and loads more.

Absolutely everyone is dancing, drinking and having an amazing time as the sun sets over Laganas (where you should be if you're 18-30!). 

the white party zante review

3. Drinks offers & Free Food

If two of your favourite things in life are alcohol & Pizza - like me... you'll be in heaven

3. What have most people come to Zante to do? Party HARD! Luckily for everyone, there is two for one drinks up until 8 pm so if you get there at 6 when it starts you’ve got at LEAST 2 hours of LOTS of bevs. I remember the table me and my friends were stood at nearly toppling over because we’d taken full advantage of this deal haha. And there was mini appetisers too! A man coming round with pizza as soon as we arrived was a standout moment for me personally. So. Freaking. Good.

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#4  Our own beauty bar!

Possibly one of the coolest parts of the White Party is the fact there is a ‘Beauty bar’.

This is amazing and i've never seen it at any other event where you can get body glitter, facepaint and those cute gold/silver temporary tattoos so naturally most people got all three! The little stand is in the corner of the beach club and you can line up and have it all done for FREE which makes it even better. Nearly every person got something done and they all looked fab. The girls who run the beauty bar are absolutely lovely. Make sure you go!

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#5 – It feels nice to dress up nice!

Finally, it feels nice to dress nice! You're on holiday drinking, getting burnt and being hungover so a good portion is spent looking a little worse for wear! But everyone dresses to impress at the White Party and I love it! It forces you to get over that hangover and make yourself look great again and carry on the party.

Obviously the dress code is, you guessed it... All white! But it doesn’t matter too much if you haven’t got that. It looks so good seeing everyone in the same colour scheme because it makes for some seriously great pics.No chance of clashing with any of your friends.

I could go on and on as to why you should make this a definite event for your hols, but basically if you want a classy but extremely fun night filled with alcohol, nibbles, cool makeovers, dancing, swimming, seeing the best DJs and having the best time with your friends at a gorgeous venue with views hard to beat then BOOK THE WHITE PARTY for the best night of your life in Zante.

Speak soon I hope, Bekki X

Lauren Thisiszante

The White Party

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