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# – Zante - Quick tips! 7 Places you'll be drinking in 2018!

Because drinking is quite simply the number 1 thing to do!

Here's 7 awesome places you'll be drinking in Zante 2018.

1- On a beach lying in the sun with your mates and a cocktail in your hand. You can do this by grabbing it from a shop or bar and wondering into the sea before chilling out on the sand, or you can get one of the beach bars sunbeds for an afternoon and make a day drinking sesh of it. Republic Beach Club on the beachfront does awesome cocktails and has it's own pool as well as being next to the beach if you fancy it!

2- On a lilo in your pool with a cold beer or cider after a heavy night out - the perfect hangover cure! It actually is as well, I've done it many a time! Possibly the best hangover feeling you'll ever get in Zante.

3- On a beanbag in a beach bar 

4- In one of over 100 clubs & bars at 2am in the morning - yessss I wasn't going to miss this out ... OVER 100! Make sure you try Zeros, Fishbowl & Plus which are some of our faves and all huge venues on the main strip - and you'll get discounts AT THEM ALL if you have your wristband so you get drunk for less!

5- On board a boat party - did I mention free shots all night on board Rum & Raybans??? Well it's free shots all night. Enough said.

6- In your hotel room at 6am as you take an Amstel to bed with you - as well as your kebab of course. If you're not taking 1-2 guys or girls to bed with you each night a kebab and Amstel make for the BEST ALTERNATIVE THREESOME you'll ever have. Still not a touch on the real thing but hey!

7- in the morning on the lilo as you get ready to do it all again!

Woo Woo!


Honorable mention: On your hotel  balcony. This deserves a whole space to itself, you'll be doing it every night, probably with the guys or girls in the room next to you and probably over a game of ring of fire.

The Zante strip doesn't get busy until midnight so get halfway there (or smashed if you're a lightweight) on your balcony and head out about 10:30-11 to get the best deals. Just avoid buying 2 euro village wine for pre will have the hangover of a lifetime which even the lilo won't be able to fix. I promise you.


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