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Maybe you’ve clicked here by chance, are pondering for real reviews of Zante (if so you're in the perfect place!)  over Google or the general internet, or if you’ve read, and loved obviously, my Day One introduction to Inside my Crazy Week in Zante! I don't mind just as long as you're here!

Lauren Thisiszante

Hey i'm Lauren!

I want to tell you about the Laganas strip first! Zante's golden mile! On Day One I mentioned what I first thought, where I first went BUT I didn’t go into much detail – and c’mon, we all want the gory details. So here you go –

What did I really think of the ZANTE STRIP?

So I'll describe what I saw when I first stepped onto the strip... you'll probably have a similar experience

  • People running around everywhere, all drunk to their eyeballs
  • some going to or leaving Paint or Foam Parties soaked, some have been drinking on Boat Parties since 12pm some who drunk a bottle of village wine as pre drinks (only 3 euros but guaranteed to make you feel like death the next day)
  • some are crying because they can’t find their way home… some being sick!
  • Groups running around in fancy dress
  • girls in hot pants and bras, some weirdo wearing a morph suit
  • a couple of people playing beer pong – some others playing beer pong on the street!

Watch this video (from 30 seconds in) to get a full idea of how the strip looks at night! Just a little better than your local town right...

The strip is long! It’s full of everything from bars, clubs, balloon girls (as in laughing gas - so gas girls), reps, gypsies selling roses and attempting to rob people’s pockets (I know this sounds bad – but it’s actually true!), promoters, food eateries, fast food chains, of course medical centres, tattoo parlours, travel agents/excursion shops, hotels and tons more!

And as this was my first Girls Holiday, I had nothing to compare it to, but it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! In England – you have a few bars together and travel a little bit to get to the big clubs in each city (apart from London!).

I'll try and some it up.. imagine the most crazy night you've ever had at home...

  • Over 120 bars and clubs within a 1 mile walking distance
  • It's 22 degrees at night!
  • Thousands of people like you, some being carried, some barely standing, some off their faces but still fine and the odd boring one half sober!
  • Everybody wants to have the night of their lives
  • Plus all the fancy dress, laughing gas, crazy fishbowls and goings on above!

You literally see everything along this strip, but that’s what makes it so fun and unique! Everything goes, and everything is acceptable! If you don't have your head over the toilet in the morning at least once or twice during your week I'm not sure I can say you did Zante properly!

You know you’re in for a great night as soon as you hit the strip… and everybody feels the same way as soon as they arrive. LET’S GO!

Day two

Wow, we we’re fuzzy this morning. But no time was wasted; we all soldiered on down to the pool after a cold shower to wake us up! We had our breakfast, do a numbers count to check everyones with us and down a quick fruit juice - the healthiest part of the day, and back on it we went. Well, we were on holiday?

- We were all inclusive by the way, It was such a relief and saved us so much  time, rather than having to head out and find something to eat – we had it all at the bottom of a lift journey to the lobby. It was so ideal :)

girls guide zante

We all pondered on what we should do today/tonight but mainly here's your choice for the daytime:

  • Chill out by the pool, ideally lying on a lilo with a cocktail in hand, occasionally get splashed by other groups feeling well enough to play volleyball in the pool!
  • Die in bed
  • If you're feeling spritely enough, take a wonder down to the strip in the daytime and have an explore... it looks rather different during the day to say the least!

And then the all important questions - where should we go tonight? Should we dress up?

We we’re so inspired by the random fancy dress last night that we decided to nip out and get some face paint! You can’t go to Zante and not have neon dots around your eyes – right?!


Whilst we were shopping, we also bumped into a couple of promoters on the strip. They all looked a bit rough (as in, they totally went out last night and would rather be in bed right now) and so we knew they had experience of Zante and might be able to give us a few hints n tips on what to do.

We also headed to the beach that day to see what it was all about. It wasn’t the best sunny day to do it, but it was still hot and there wasn’t any rain so it was kind of like an English summer’s day?! We’re used to that kind of weather! Quick fact to make you excited... Zante gets roughly 3 days of rain between May and September ... how awesome is that!

laganas beach

After a wander about, we started to get ready and get all excited for our second night in Zante!

With neon eye paint in toll, we headed for another bar nearby the hotel for some pre’s. The name of this place was ‘Cream’ – it didn’t look very busy at the time, as we figured people probably don’t go out until around 11pm each night, but that was a good thing for us as we had some serious drinking to do!

Cream is a futuristic looking venue, with loud and buzzing music and plenty of room for a boogie! The cocktails and mixers we’re cheap and there were gas girls in the venue which was great for us – no queues and some balloons!

zante clubs

Next it was off to a bar called the 3 Lions. It’s actually a sports themed bar on the main strip, and they usually show the match of the day of football games! BUT when the games not on they do amazing music, the type of music where you know all the words and jump around like a loon, everyone's dancing around, playing beer pong, singing badly  and drinking lots and lots of cocktails & shots. Sounds good right?

The whole club was screaming to songs like The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger Google it, if you know, you know! This bar was packed right out, and it was one of those with a roof but no windows? Which meant one thing = no air con, very hot!

We only lasted around an hour in here before we almost died of heat, especially with bopping around and almost losing our voices from all the singing (screaming!!)

The clubs arn't just stuck to the inside either in Zante because the weather is actually good! Here's a couple of pictures to show you what I mean...

fishbowl zante
total karnage zante
plus club zante

There's so many you HAVE to go to that you won't be able to actually go to them all if you're only in Zante for a week but Zeros, Rescue, Cocktails & Dreams, Fishbowl, Plus and Cherry Bay are some of the faves to name just a few!

So I don’t know about you – but when my friends and I get drunk and it comes to 6am/7am and we’re not ready to go home, we’ll automatically go and skinny dip! It’s like a traditional ritual in the group! 

laganas beach

Not skinny dipping yet but you know what came next!

The sea was still so warm, and some of the lads from Plymouth also joined us. You could spot them swimming out to parked up boats, climbing on board, and jumping off! It was such a laugh. I also have something to tell you that you can email me saying thank you for once you're back in Zante!

Do NOT leave your clothes, phone & money by the sun loungers on the beach when you go skinny dipping... there's a good chance with the gypsies they will be not be there when you get back! Just pop back to your hotel before popping back down to the beach ;)

Read  Day Three here!

... but just in case ya fancy something else and you're not done with me or Zante yet, here's a few links you'll enjoy reading!

Peace out, Lauren xxx

Lauren Thisiszante

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