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Includes: “The Three Packing essential Items you cannot live without! I’m talking literally melt down, tantrum, storm out of the door kind of ‘cannot live without’”

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A Girls Top 5 Tips for Zante
By Project Zante’s very own Zante Lover – Lauren
All girls at least once look for helpful tips and information before they go on holiday right?! It’s just something girls do! We like to prepare ourselves… after all, packing the CORRECT outfits, going to the BEST events; taking pictures of the PRETTIEST beaches… it’s what we want and what we NEED to know!

So here’s A Girls Top 5 Tips for Zante!

1 – Get those all-important amazing EVENTS sorted before you arrive! And my first recommendation FOR SURE is Rum & Raybans Boat Party!

I don’t know if you’re reading this and have already heard of this event…probably… but in case not…  it’s massive. I mean, literally, the boat is a beautiful 3 decker princess – have you ever seen one of those?! But not only that, it truly is Zante’s most extravagant boat party like they say and is definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!

Not only does Rum & Raybans offer an amazing night of partying, but it also offers off-the-charts entertainment, guests and artists and celebrity appearances! The likes of K.O Kane and Tom Zanetti hopped aboard, Rae & Official Nancie have been and the resident DJ’s are the best in the business. You can save 5-10 euros going on the cheap boat parties but you can SEE Rum & Raybans absolutely splash out to make your night amazing. I loved it. Oh and they have a strict girl – boy ratio which is music to my ears.

Water pistols full of alcohol, FREE shots all night, amazing music, fun games, the chance to stop off for a dip in Zante’s amazing caves and sky blue water, entertainment such as firebreathing and stilt walkers – Rum & Raybans will be an incredible highlight of your holiday – What a Zante holiday!

And if you’re up for even MORE fun and laughs, then you should also definitely check out Zante’s famous Paint Party! It’s a tradition and just has to be done whilst in Zante! But girls, remember to pack something you won’t mind getting splattered

#2 – Of course, you girls need to treat yourselves to a nice meal one evening in Zante!

I think pretty much every girls group does this – and if they don’t – they now need to! It’s such a nice way to start the fun of the week, gather some much-needed energy in the mid-week, or reflect back on how much of an amazing trip you’ve had at the end of your hols!

Now, where should you eat I wonder… have you heard of Cool Peppers?! Well now you have! Cool Peppers would be a perfect location for a girls night and meal. They offer fantastic cocktails, alongside amazing food all at great prices and sizes!

You really do pay for quality at this place, too! The menu offers a variety of food, so even you fussy eaters will be catered for! And Cool Peppers situates just 100 meters down the Laganas Beach (past Cherry Bay) so it’s also a lovely location to have some grub

#3 The THREE packing ESSENTIALS you could NOT live without!

I’m talking literally melt down, tantrum, storm out of the door kind of ‘cannot live without’.

Us girls all have items that we simply CANNOT leave at home! And although those are also essential, it’s the bits n bobs you often forget that are the most missed! Such as SUNCREAM! Trust me girls, you’ll thank me later.

Suncream is a right rip off in Zante! You know why? Because the locals just know you girls are going to forget bringing the cream, and they also know that those of you who say ‘you don’t need it’ will end up burning and needing that oh so important cream!

Tan, Bottle of Bubbly & sun out… 7 days a week in Zante – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Next up is HAIR GRIPS! Sounds silly, like who would forget hair grips and ties?! But again, you simply forget! Ok so imagine it’s summer right, it’s hot (like 30/40 degrees) and your hair gives you some payback for all the times you’ve straightened it – you won’t wanna forget those hair grips/ties then! And stressing whilst trying to use 1 grip – it’s just not worth it!

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of a bum bag/fanny pack/over the shoulder bag. They come in handy EVERY TIME! Whether you rent out some quad bikes and need somewhere to put your phone/keys/money, whether you’re on a night out and don’t want to carry it all, whether you’re out for dinner and have forgotten a decent bag – boat parties, paint parties, foam parties – you name it! They win every single time and you’ll regret not bringing one!

So please do yourselves a favour and pack some of each item! You save the cost of being ripped off, as well as the hassle of being burnt (don’t know about you, but I can’t even bring myself to wear clothes when I’m burnt! Not pretty…) or being stressed, or arguments

#4 – It’s time to talk about EXCURSIONS!

We’ve all heard about The Water Village in Zante right?! If you haven’t – you’re about to! We get a lot of questions about what to do in Zante – whether it’s during the daytime, where to visit, what’s a MUST do! And almost always it’s about the Water Village! By the way, you can find out more about the Water Park (plus everything else Zante by getting sent your Free A-Z Guide above

So the Water Village is Zante’s water park, it’s massive and such a laugh – you’re guaranteed a brilliant day all whilst washing away any hangovers! There’s so much to do for those who are up for it, and you can simply chill, sunbathe or take a dip if you’re not up for it! The Water Village is located in Sarakinado, which is the southeast part of the island. It’ll cost you girls around 14 EURO in a taxi from Laganas! And is around 18 EUROS a full day ticket!

Next up is the beautiful and incredible Shipwreck Beach (AKA – Navagio Beach/SmugglersCove) You MUST HAVE seen pictures of this beautiful place, and if you haven’t, go and look right now!

Shipwreck Beach is an exposed cove and considered the most famous beach in Greece! Itcan only be reached by boat, so you’ll have to either use a company to get there or dare to try and find your own way! But don’t’ worry about that – pretty much ALL of the tourist shops along the strip will sell tickets to get you there!

#5 – The most asked about, talked about question is Which Clubs and Bars to try out!

There are many great bars and clubs located along the strip of which all sell something different or different music from one another!

However, there are 3 AMAZING clubs/bars which stand out (I personally think) so here they are…ZEROS – Zante’s busiest club  that I saw – the host of the Paint and Foam Parties, The Ball, numerous nights of fun, entertainment, drunkenness and plenty of wing-manning! The club itself is HUGE and always has something going on for you to enjoy! A week or more in Zante simply is not COMPLETE without a trip to Zero’s at least once!

Next is COCKTAILS AND DREAMS – a hugely lit up bar/club with amazing views of the strip! You climb some stairs to go up and enjoy people watching whilst sipping some incred cocktails, or you can sit downstairs for a quick shot and a boogie!

Now onto FISHBOWL – which is exactly as it says on the tin! Serving the BIGGEST andBEST fishbowls on the strip (trust me, they’re huge!) you’ll be sure to get a bit steaming in here! The music is great for a little boogie, and you have a mix of indoor and outdoor so those of you who smoke are taken care of!

Ok maybe three isn’t enough … so give and visit G SPOT!  – always up for a laugh is G Spot! The bar is very popular and the reviews confirm it’s a great place to start a brilliant night out! The music goes offff, with lush cocktails being served by great bar staff and everybody is up for a laugh!

Hopefully you girls won’t be forgetting your essentials, making a boo-boo by not booking the biggest and best boat party that Zante has to offer, and will be making an appearance in Zante’s best clubs for a top night! See you this summer!

P.S – You can read my Zante Guide starting with day 1 of my first holiday to Zante right here!

Peace out, Lauren xxx

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rum & raybans 

Zante’s biggest boat party is the ultimate event. Free Shots ALL night, DJ’s the biggest and best boat + champagne showers, DJ’s, Free team paint & tons more! You can’t miss this!

zeros foam party

2000 People. Zante’s biggest club. Every Friday. Get earlybird admission and avoid missing out or queueing for ages on the door. Want a VIP table with exclusive extras? No problem.  A must do when you’re in Zante!

the white party

The White Party is one of Zante’s biggest events. Held at the fantastic Republic Beach Club it’s all white sexy theme, big name DJ’s and classy venue will make sure you have an amazing night.

total karnage

INSANE. Europe’s biggest var crawl turns the strip orange every Sunday and is as mad as it sounds. Race across different bars with a free afterparty including a discounted bar all night for the first 50 winners back from the race.

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