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Looking for helpful tips & info before we go on holiday is just something girls do! But you lads need too as well and I'm your girl. Read my tips, join my list, get discounts and have the best week of your life! Sorted.


#1 – Oh c’mon, you weren’t going to fly over to us without any shorts were you?!

Shorts are literally all anybody wears in Zante – with or without tops! Lads wear shorts during the day, during events, during parties, during POOL parties, during nights out – you name it, shorts are included! So definitely leave the spray on jeans at home lads – with Zante’s heat, you definitely won’t be needing them!

Have a look at Rum & Raybans below.. I don't think there's many pairs of jeans on that boat...do you?

tom zanetti zante

In Fact the Ball at Zeros Club is an all Underwear event so shorts are probably the most you'll get away with, so leave the trousers at home for your next boring work interview. They don't belong in the sunshine! You're better than this boys... 


#2 – Bring a hat!

It could be a cap, it could be a bucket hat, maybe even bring along granddads flat cap (just kidding, DON’T!) Trust me lads, Zante gets HOT during the peak season (from June to August) and your poor ‘ole nuggets will get burnt!

Being out on boat parties, driving around on the quads, taking a nip down the shops or even chilling by the pool – you guys with 0.01mm shaved sides will definitely be thanking us!

It's not so attractive chatting up a girl while ya foreheads peeling....​

total karnage zante

#3 Want to live life to the full? Bring a little more cash than you think you'll need...

Firstly there's a chance you'll go nuts and blow your budget in a night... I've known it to happen but also...

It’s a known rule that girls get in the clubs cheaper or even for FREE – you lads need to pay your way! And typically, you lads are more relaxed about things so you'll have a couple of drinks and be buying the whole bar a round, or at least us girls, who already got in for free = more money spent! 

Here's a tip to save money... book your events before you come out to Zante. Two reasons why:

1. You'll save money (thank me later with a drink)

2. You won't miss out - some events like Rum & Raybans & The Ball have strict male:female ratio policies so you don't want the best selling out before you even arrive!

 Also it’s a known fact that girls are usually smaller and weigh less than you lads, so it’ll take you more booze to get bollocked!

Read the ProjectZante spending guide here. Again, thank me when you see me with a drink! I'll take a mojito...​

Zante bottle service

Tan, Bottle of Bubbly & sun out... 7 days a week in Zante - it doesn't get much better than this!

#4 – Make a bloody playlist and bring your speakers! Much better for having pre drinks on the balcony with your group & the girls you invited over...

We’ve all seen that video of one guy hosting a party from his balcony, right?  A speaker and a good fucking playlist works miracles and you’ll be needing the tunes during all times of the day! In fact i'm going to list times you'll say thank god Lauren made me remember my speakers:

  • When you're getting ready, you might not take as long as us... not all of you anyway but you'll still appreciate it
  • Pre drinks on the balcony. It might be with your lads, or it might be you lot and the girls you invited over. Either way you'll need speakers!
  • Add a "soothing" playlist for when you wake up feeling like death in the morning. If you're anything like James (from our friends at ThisisZante) you'll want to literally throw your speaker through the window if it starts playing music which is banging to the tune of your headache
zante excursions

#5 – A quick roundup of some extra essential advice

  • If you decide to get a quad, wear your helmet. You won't look much of a lad when you get fined 200 euros by the local police for not wearing one. And it could save your life. 
  • Don't punch pictures of Justin Beiber. James was telling me about how one guy got fined because his fist went through the picture and also through a window because he punched it so hard. 
  • Ask me any questions you have and PLEASE sign up to "Laurens List" below! I'll send you loads of info and discounts for Zante to save you money and make sure you have the best time ever!
zante clubs

See you on the beach!

P.S - You can read my Zante Guide starting with day 1 of my first holiday to Zante right here!

Peace out, Lauren xxx

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