Hey Ya’ll. If you’re 18-30 and coming to Zante Clubbing (and probably staying in Laganas). Then here is your Zante Clubbing List of things you HAVE to know before you come here!

Zante Clubbing – Need to Know List

Quick NavigationZante Clubbing – Need to Know List1. The SuperClub Triangle2. The speciality cocktails3. Zante Clubbing – 5 quick facts4. Zante Main Events5. Zante Clubbing Area6. Zante Clubbing – Month by Month

1. The SuperClub Triangle

Zante Clubbing would not be complete without a visit to the Superclub Triangle in the middle of the strip! Zeros, Rescue and Cocktails & Dreams are all huge and have giant Neon Banners you’ll be able to see for a mile.You’ll probably visit one of these at some point almost every night – with Zeros hosting the islands largest events like The Foam Party every Friday and Total Karnage on Sundays!If you’re here at the end of June, July or the start of August you can also go to the All Underwear Ball, back for it’s second season in Zante after getting amazing reviews last year!

cocktails & dreams club Zante

2. The speciality cocktails

Maybe these can’t be classed as cocktails, i’m not sure! But if you’re a boy make sure to find a headfucker at one bar or club on the strip at least. And if you’re a girl, head to Zeros for a screaming orgasm – you won’t know what’s hit you girls!Other specialities include the Dentist chair, and flaming lamborginis! I’ll leave you to find those, or message me on info@projectzante.com and I might let you know!

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3. Zante Clubbing – 5 quick facts

There isn’t enough space to tell you everything so I wanted to put in some things I think you’ll want to know before you get here! These are all about Laganas – the main clubbing resort in Zante.1. There are over 120 bars and clubs to choose from on the strip!!!2. There is a bar and small club called G Spot – and it does the best Cheeky V’s!3. Clubbing in Zante times are different from at home. The standard hours are 1am-5am with the major clubs opening doors at midnight – and until 7am at weekends4. Oceans is a secret club that doesn’t even open until 4am! Email me for more info ;)5. Zante clubbing is…insane. It’s more spread out than some other resorts i’ve been to, because the strip is over a mile long and has lots of off roads each with their own clubs and bars on. Don’t worry there is no dress code, but if you want to pull lads,  don’t go sweating all over me wearing jeans and a jumper. It’s 26 degrees at night for gods sake!

zante foam party

4. Zante Main Events

You can’t go clubbing in Zante without attending the biggest events of the week! So here’s your list! All of these are on the main Zante strip!Monday – The Paint PartyTuesday – Buy 1 get 1 Free at a Zante SuperClubWednesday – Rum & Raybans Boat Party has it’s afterparty at Zeros on the strip!Thursday – a VIP Table night hereFriday – The Foam Party @ Zeros!Saturday – The All Underwear Ball!Sunday – Total Karnage or the White Party!Id recommend booking 3-4 events and giving yourself 3-4 nights to pick which ones you want to do! Rum & Raybans, Karnage and The White Party always sell out, with Foam and Paint occasionally all going in peak season!

5. Zante Clubbing Area

So as I said, the main clubbing area in Zante is in Laganas on the strip and just off it. It’s where most 18-30s will be staying but if you’re in Kalamaki don’t worry! It’s just a 12 euro taxi ride away, or 20 if you’re in Tsivilli. Each of these resorts has their own clubs but they are much smaller and there are much less! Come to Laganas where the party’s at!

6. Zante Clubbing – Month by Month

Zante clubbing in May: Lots of the main bars are open and by the 20th they all are – with the big clubs opening their doors around the 25th.Zante Clubbing in June: It’s getting busy, everywhere is open and around the 10th June it starts to get super busy and the queues form! from the 16th ish of June it’s peak season and Zante goes nuts!Zante Clubbing in July: Insane. Insane. Insane. Everywhere is full, Zante is buzzing and you’re going to have an amazing time!Zante Clubbing in August: The same! Until it begins to get a bit quieter the last week of August – everywhere will still be at 90% capacity though!Zante Clubbing in September: until mid September everywhere is rammed and having their closing parties! After mid September some of the main clubs will close and you’ll be picking from slightly less, but all the main bars will likely stay open until late September.

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