LADS in Zante! Here’s 9 essential tips for you if you’re coming here on hols. Lots of Love!

Zante Lads Holiday Tips

1. Don’t peak too soon 

You might want to appear all macho and down every drink nearby to impress us girls. But we’ll be out partying until 5am, so there’s no chance of you taking one of us home if you’re faceplanted on the floor at midnight!

2. Bring some trainers that can go in the bin when you leave

I bet you’ve been doing some holiday shopping and got a fresh pair of trainers for Zante. But also bring a pair that you don’t mind going in the bin when you leave, you can wear to the paint party and not mind if they get ruined!

3. Essential packing item: Decent speakers

I’m not coming to play drinking games in your room without them, and neither will any of the other girls in your hotel! Also they’re perfect for getting ready for your night out.I really want a google home next season so I can ask it to play a soothing playlist when i’m hanging in the morning! Let me know if you bring one!

4. Pull early

Most lads think they’ll pull on their Zante holiday in all the clubs and bars. You might. But some of the best times are during the day when you’re at the pool and when you’re pre drinking before hitting the strip. Invite us in for a game too!

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5. Don’t wear full length jeans out 

Girls try and wear heels out, boys try to wear jeans out. You’ll be so hot and sweaty if you do because Zante is 25 degrees at night! Not sexy for anyone…

6. Want to avoid cockfests? 

Zante boys to girl ratio is better than say Magaluf and others, but there are also some events that make sure it’s 50:50 boys including Rum & Raybans – so book on early boys so you don’t miss the boat!This is another reason why it’s good to chat to us before in the daytime, then you can all go out together later! Pulling chances go right up doing it this way rather than competing with a load of other guys!

7. Make sure you bring however many euros you think you need + 30%!

You might get smashed on your first night and blow your budget. You might ‘accidentally’ kick down your hotel door or break something. You might meet the lass of your life in Zante and want to take her on a date (it happens, prepare for a roasting by your mates!). Either way bring a bit extra just in case!

8. Read Lauren’s brilliant blog on advice to lads going to Zante here!

We do cross over slightly but she knows what she’s talking about to lads coming to Zante on holiday… make sure you read this first! It’s essential! Thank me later.

9. Get your Discount VIP Wristbands

Need to save money for Zante, or fancy VIP experiences? Our discount wristbands will get you discounts at almost all of Zante’s best venues including Zeros, Fishbowl, Plus, Rumours etc + watersports at St Nicks Beach AND discounts on all your excursions like Turtle trips etc! Get them here and you’ll have at least 150 quid extra in your pocket after a week in Zante if you spend a decent amount of time on the strip!

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