YOU’RE GOING TO ZANTE!!!! Here’s 66 no-nonsense reasons to wee yourself with Excitement now you’ve booked your girls holiday to Zante or your Lads Holiday to Zante in 2019!

We’ve put together a list of 66 things to do in Zante and they’re the most exciting things! We’ve split them into sections to cover various aspects of your holiday – from getting demolished on the strip, The best nightlife, local wine, the best events, to enjoying a day out with turtles.

You’re going to have the best week OF YOUR LIFE!! So read now, get excited, tell your friends, and spend the day being completely unproductive because you’re so excited about Zante!

The girls or lads holiday to Zante experience

1. You’re going to make the most amazing memories.

Many of them are going to be remembered through the phone camera! Many you definitely are going to keep to yourself. But as long as you know they happened you’re going to laugh about this holiday for YEARS.Maybe it was your friend passed out on the beach in their own vomit, maybe it was going skinny dipping in the 23 degree water at 5am after an amazing event, or getting kicked out your hotel. Some will be hilarious at the time, others only when you’re home! But they’ll be some of the best memories you ever make together with your friends!

The Events in Zante

Events in Zante are mental. Unbelievably good and way less than Ibiza Prices! Here’s a roundup of the best, sell out events you need to be at during your week in Zante!

2. Rum & Raybans – The Zante Boat Party

Zante’s, and Europe’s biggest boat party. The only boat party in Zante which rivals those in Ibiza, with artists like Tom Zanetti and sending out multiple boats on the same day. Not to mention Free Shots the entire night. A must do on Wednesday in Zante! You can take a look and see dates, tickets available, videos etc here

3. Total Karnage

Europe’s biggest bar crawl race. Every Sunday the Strip turns orange as hundreds race and the first 50 back get a discounted bar the entire night! Your T Shirt is included which you can customise, and so is the afterparty at Zeros Superclub – worth it on it’s own! Check out a Karnage gathering below at their outside bar!For Karnage info, dates, tickets etc just click here

karnage zante strip

4. The Foam Party

The Foam Party smashes Zante every Friday night at superclub, Zeros – and packs out with 2000 people getting off their heads, wet as fuck and loving life until 5am before going skinny dipping / to the kebab shops / home with a new friend. See videos & tickets here, like Rum & Raybans it’s a sell out so don’t miss out!

zante foam party

5. The White Party

Pack your whites for Zante and head down on Sundays to The White Party. Held at Republic Beach Club on the beach, with international DJ artists playing over an amazing pool, cocktails in hand dancing under the stars. One of Zante’s longest running events alongside Rum & Raybans and one of Zante’s best too!See White Party Details, VIP Cabanas and more here

white party tickets zante

6. The Paint Party

Mondays are Paint Party nights in Zante. Held at Plus Club, with a great outside bar before heading into the main arena inside. You’ll get covered in paint and have top 40 tunes banging of all night until you can’t dance anymore. It’s great value as well at under £20 making it a must for many girls & lads on holiday in Zante! See more Paint Party details here

paint party zante

7. The All underwear Ball

See the All Underwear Ball Details hereThe Ball is back in 2018 with double the dates after such a successful 2017! So hopefully you’ll be able to attend! It’s all underwear themed, with anything from your pants to kimonos allowed! Just as long as you’re not in Jeans! Check it out here, it’s rio themed and probably Zante’s most insane event!

The Ball Zeros Club

The Zante Sesh

The Sesh. Zante has a few unique SESHialities which you won’t find anywhere else! Here’s a brief run down of some of the best…and Zante’s best clubs & bars! There are over 120 so we’ve just included the best!

8. The Village Wine

Vile. But insanely cheap. Do not buy more than 1 bottle because the hangover will ensure you never drink it again! Find it at local supermarkets for about 2 euros a bottle.

9. Flaming Lamborgini

A speciality drink found at Zeros Club. It’s 8 euros but will leave you smashed. A tumbler full of shots, set on fire and drunk through a straw as it’s refilled. Disgusting but fun!

10. Satans Chair (Dentist Chair)

Find Satans chair on the main strip and you’ll have some fun for 10 euros! Lie back in the dentist chair and prepare to down a litre of vodka mixer in Satans Chair! I’ve personally done this after doing a flaming lamborgini and was promptly passed out within 10 minutes of doing them both!

11. Zeros Club

Zante’s superclub. Right in the centre of the main strip. Zeros is host to the Foam Party, and is the afterparty for Total Karnage too. You won’t miss its giant flashing neon sign from about a mile away and make sure you head into the huge front bar for drinks before the main club. Girls, ask for a screaming orgasam… thank us later. It’s tasty!Our NO.1 rated club in Zante and a must visit! Careful…queues get big, even bigger on event nights!

12. Fishbowl

If you want good cocktails then head down to Fishbowl. It’s a huge bar with a club like atmosphere with the best barmen & women on the main strip! Buy 1 get 1 free ALL week as well if you own a Zante Discount Wristband!

fishbowl zante

13. Plus

Host of Monday nights paint party and with it’s own great outside bar, Plus Club is another must visit while in Zante! The club inside hosts around 800 people with great DJs, good value drinks and just a short 5 min walk from the very centre of the strip!

14. Republic Beach Club

A beach bar Monday – Saturday, A Club on Sunday! Republic hosts the White Party and the atmosphere is sick! Right on the beach, a big pool, VIP cabanas and fire breathers. Awesome.

15. Cocktails & Dreams

You might almost break your legs every time you go up or down the stairs at Cocktails & Dreams, but assuming you make it up, enjoy cocktails, toilet roll being blown everywhere and people going fucking mad!

cocktails & dreams club Zante

16. Rescue

Huge club right next to Zeros and opposite Cocktails & Dreams in the centre of the strip! Make sure to check it out!

17. Medusa

Like Shisha? Get to Medusa! Simple really.

18. G Spot

Possibly the best named bar in Zante and does amazing fishbowls & Cheeky V’s too! Sometimes open during the day if you fancy getting obliterated early, otherwise get there at night before the main clubs!

19. Discount VIP Wristbands

Need to save money for Zante, or fancy VIP experiences? Our discount wristbands will get you discounts at almost all of Zante’s best venues including Zeros, Fishbowl, Plus, Rumours etc + watersports at St Nicks Beach AND discounts on all your excursions like Turtle trips etc! Get them here and you’ll have at least 150 quid extra in your pocket after a week in Zante if you spend a decent amount of time on the strip!

20. The Strip

Over 120 bars and clubs within 1.5 miles of each other. That’s a lot. From the golden triangle of Zeros, Rescue & Cocktails and dreams to the secret clubs like Oceans, football bars like 3 Lions and Barcode to huge club like bars Fishbowl or small club like bar, G Spot. They’re all on the main Laganas strip or just a road or 2 off it.

21. The Prices

This is not Ibiza. Not 20 euros for a double vodka, not 10 euros for a bottle of water. Expect to pay around 7 or 8 euros for 2 cocktails and a shot in most bars, or 5 euros for a cocktail in the biggest clubs. Food prices are also very decent, perfect for when you come out steaming at 5am, or want to go for a decent meal before you head out!Check out the Zante spending money guide for a week or two!

After Sesh Activities

It might be 3am, 5am, 7am or 9am when you finish the sesh. But one of the great things about Zante is you don’t have to just go back to your hotel to sleep! When you’re steaming at 6am why would you wanna do that!

22. Skinny Dipping

The sea is warm ALL summer long! So you can go skinny dipping any time you like with your new friends you met in the club. Careful of your clothes though, they have a tendency to go missing!

23. Taking a selfie with someone passed out on the strip or the beach

If you’re not the person who’s passed out you need to get some selfies with people who are! You’ll generally find them surrounded by friends who are making sure they’re ok while they have a rest – so politely ask if you can have your photo! Just like the ones below! If you find someone on their own or you’re not sure is ok – please make sure they are first!

lads holiday zantezante blog

24. Bed with your Kebab

If you didn’t pull, there’s always a kebab waiting to be loved. Just be careful not to fall asleep before you finish it and wake up with it all over you…..

25. Bed with your Greek Mac or other Zante specialties

Zante’s Mcdonalds is 24 hour! Get a Greek Mac if you don’t fancy a kebab and take it home with ya!Don’t like either? Go to Red Castle on the strip and get a Gyros for 2 euros! Speaking of Gyros…

26. Gyros!

Gyros is everywhere! And while not an after sesh only activity Gyros is amazing and the perfect thing to eat when you want something unhealthy to demolish before bed.

zante gyros

27. 1 Euro Pizza!!!

The best! Huge pizza slices for a euro. What more needs to be said?

28. Carrying your lightweight mate back to the hotel

Passed out on the beach? On the strip? In a ditch? There’s many stories (check out these Zante stories) but carrying your mate home passed out is something you’ll do at least a couple of times in Zante!

Only in Zante…

29. Cameo Island

Cameo island is one of the most photographed places in Europe and in Zante. Home to weddings, the occasional 18-30 event and one of the most awesome bridge views in the world! Take a look below! It’s really close to Laganas, the main 18-30 area.

cameo island zante

30. Shipwreck Beach

Possibly the most photographed beach in the world – you’ll have seen it on all the postcards, even if you didn’t know it was in Zante. Smugglers cove can be got to during the day by boat if the weather is ok, and is a must do for anyone coming to Zante on holiday for the first time. If you don’t fancy the beach, head up to the secret look out spot where this photo was taken from with the boys or girls and get one of the best views you’ll ever see!

shipwreck beach zante night

31. Zante Base Jumping at Shipwreck Beach

Got a huge pair of balls? Base jump down onto shipwreck beach! It’s the only other way to reach the beach except by boat! Redbull and others have done many a video here. Brave if you do it.

zante base jumping

32. Arguing with 6 year old kids about buying their wristbands

When you know. You’ll know! And you’ll know after the first night out on the strip! Make sure they don’t nick anything from you, try not to punch them and get ready to crack up about the one in your group who can’t bear them when you’re home!

33. The ridiculously high curbs you’ll sit on having a good old drunken chat to a randomer at 5am

One rule in Zante… don’t curb your car! You’ll see why with the curbs. But they do make great benches to sit on and chat to a randomer over some pizza and a beer at 5am.

34. The Zante Cough

Maybe not a reason to get excited… but you’ll definitely see and hear the Zante cough after a few days – at least 1 or 2 of your group will experience it first hand. Hopefully not you! 7 days of drinking, questionable aircon and eating shit takes it’s toll!

35. Trying to Pull a rep (and probably failing miserably)

It’s a right of passage on any girls holiday to Zante and even more so if it’s a lads holiday Zante. Plus the Zante reps are shit hot – so enjoy trying!

36. Losing all your mates then having an emotional reunion on the strip later

It’s so emosh you might cry when you find them. Then party even harder and go through it all again!

37.There’s a reason it’s called a Headfucker.

You’ll see. A Zante speciality drink.

38.The Zante routine

Sample Girls or Lads holiday to Zante Day:12pm wake up & crawl to get breakfast1pm-3pm Tan on the beach with cocktails/beer/vodka rice crispies or on your lilo at the hotel with a cocktail in hand/play vollyball with new friends3pm-4pm: Walk the strip & pick up some pre drinks for later4pm-5.30pm: Nap5.30pm – 10.30pm: Rum & Raybans boat party, free shots all night, dancing on the open sea, drinks in hand, sunset swim stops & DJs10:30pm Start pre drinking on the balcony11:30pm: Stagger out to the strip and try out some local bars, end up having the best night of your life1am: Hit a big club like Zeros or Plus, dance on the podiums, chat, pull, sweat, dance, drink, pull, pick yourself up off the floor, lose your mates, find your mates, cry with happiness, dance, pull, drink5am Skinny dipping with new friends!6am – Bed with your kebab12pm: REPEAT!!!!

39. Being able to pedalo or even swim out to giant turtles 

Zante is home to the Caretta Caretta turtles. They’re huge and you can actually head out in Laganas bay to swim right next to them! Go on a lilo for comfort, or pedalo for speed! Don’t just swim! You’ll have to be lucky to get one pop up alongside you or you can see where the tour boats are and you’ll be almost guaranteed there will be turtles nearby. Don’t go close to the boats though!

40. Satans Chair (Dentist Chair)

Find Satans chair on the main strip and you’ll have some fun for 10 euros! Lie back in the dentist chair and prepare to down a litre of vodka mixer in Satans Chair! I’ve personally done this after doing a flaming lamborgini and was promptly passed out within 10 minutes of doing them both!

41. Laganas Beach

Where you’ll be spending most of your day! Music blaring, sunbeds, cocktails, bars and pedalos. And turtles!!!  Plus nighttime skinny dipping!

laganas beach

Not skinny dipping yet but you know what came next!

42. Tsivi​​​​​li Beach

Near the waterpark, with great beach bars and restaurants nearby. It’s long, shallow and a perfect place to visit if you’re spending the day outside of Laganas but still want to drink until your harts content. Pop into Paradise bar a 10 mins walk from the beach on you way up!

43. Kalamaki Beach

Only a 10 minute quad bike from Laganas – it’s decent, quieter and has great food nearby!

44. Porto Liminous Beach

A great secret spot! Check this out!


45. The Weather

3 days of rain if you’re unlucky between June 1st and September 1st … pure sunshine, cocktails and warm seas to swim in, even at 5am!

46. The Prices for  activities

Want to swim with turtles? Want to do watersports? Want a speedboat, case of beers and frisbee for a day? It’s all decent prices and you get a  discount if you have your Zante Discount Wristbands with you!

47. Turtle Island!

Did your ears prick up at getting a speedboat, case of beers and frisbee for a day? Well this is where you should go if you decide to do it! Turtle island is awesome, has a little bar on it and great swim spots!

turtle island zante

48. Beach Restaurants 

Make sure to try Cool Peppers, only found in Zante! A perfect, TGIs style restaurant looking over the beach – amazing, but not cheap. Perfect for a nice meal before heading out!

49. Keri Caves

An amazing day trip. Swim in crystal clear waters, see the caves, spot a few turtles, have a couple of drinks. Just perfect.

50. Water Parks!

Fancy a day out of Laganas or your resort? Head to the Water Park! One is just outside Laganas and one in Tsilivi!

51. Planet Pub, Tsilivi

From black b**tch cocktails, to fat frogs to giant sparklers in your cocktail, this is a perfect place to get drunk in the evenings! Great staff too.

Daytime Things to do

52. Mini Golf (while getting drunk)

Head over to Molly Malones in Tsilivi and grab a draft magners or cocktail before beginning your mini golf, and have a few more on the way round! Stop at Planet for some more drinks then head back to Laganas to get smashed all night!

53. Go Karting

Sober enough? Go Go Karting in Laganas! Not a good idea if you’ve been on the village wine the night before….

54. Craving a cup of tea but not wanting to ruin your holiday diet of cocktails & shots.

After a few days when you swear you’ll never drink again – you’ll want a peace of comfort from home. TEA! But are you willing to risk ruining your diet of sex on the beach & vodka shots?


55. Banana Beach

A great place for watersports (St Nicks is the other place, also great!) as you’re not allowed to do most in Laganas bay due to the turtles!

56. Barter with Looky Looky men

Need new sunny g’s? A bracelet? A hat? A watch? Then just head to the beach & you’ll be able to barter away all day with the looky looky

zante looky man

57. Not being able to afford a real Jetski so settling for posing on the one by Cherry Bay

Can’t afford a jet ski? Then head down to the beach to take a photo on the one by Cherry Bay! You’ll know when you know.

58. Spend the morning taking advantage of your hotels great ‘toilet and bathroom’ amenities

When you’re extremely hungover, make sure to buy a bottle of fanta lemon (everyone holiday drink right?) before heading to spend the morning in your bathroom…usually consisting of a square where you shower and a sheet just about hanging on!

laganas toilets

59. Tactical naps before predrinks

Wake up feeling shit but spending the day tanning and drinking more. You need a tactical nap before pre drinks later to have the energy to stay out until 8am again.

60. Waking up in your apartment the next morning and swearing you’ll never drink again. 12 hours later, LETS HIT THE STRIP!

Nuf said.

When you’re home 🙁

61. Checking out amazing photos of yourself. Maybe of you passed out, maybe of you looking sexy at the All Underwear Ball

They’re gonna be good!

lads holiday zante

62. Zante Blues for months

There’s nothing worse than a cold November day and you’re sitting at the computer wishing you were back in Zante. It’s shit!! The only solution is to book another holiday back!!!

63.What happens in Zante stays in Zante…. it doesn’t. 

It goes on Whatsapp, Facebook and probably Insta! So watch out 😉

64. If you remember more than 25% of what happened in Zante – you didn’t hit it hard enough.

It’s true. Although if you want to see some of the best recollections about Zante check out these Zante stories from the boys & girls who came on holiday to Laganas last season!

65. Thinking what even is life with this shitty weather…


66. Booking to come back!

Another girls holiday to Zante. Another lads holiday in Zante. Zante. Zante. ZANTE!!!!

That’s just SOME of the reasons your girls/lads holiday to Zante is going to be the BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE! Let me know in the comments any questions and if you’ve been before, anything we’ve missed off your list! WOOHOO!Remember, you can check out all of Zante’s best events right here on ProjectZante! GET EXCITED NOW!!!See The Zante Movie hereSee Zante Vlogs & Blogs here


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